Michelle & RonColumbus Centre, Toronto ON

Ron and Michelle married on July 16th, 2016 at Toronto’s Columbus Centre. Their ceremony, which was held at a beautiful outdoor courtyard canopied by lush greenery, provided shade from the warm summer sun and creating a sense of pure romance.  A folk band played as guests arrived and found their seats, and the ceremony began with all the children coming down the aisle ringing bells. The ceremony was a beautiful moment not only shared between Michelle & Ron, but their children as well. Michelle is apart of a local drumming group, so to guide friends and family to the cocktail hour, Michelle and her drum mates led the way while guests followed along dancing! The ceremony was held at the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery, which the couple decorated with handmade cherry blossom trees. After a quick thank you speech and a toast from the bride and groom, the samba band began to perform and the dance floor quickly filled up! You couldn’t help but move when you heard this vibrant, soulful music! Even I was having a hard time staying off the dance floor! Congratulations to this amazing couple and their beautiful family!